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                                     Artist Statement



  This practice explores and defines the consequences of rapid change of scientific and technological developments. Referring to a post-apocalyptic, biomechanic and dystopian world, it combines characteristics of multicultural mythological aspects. Within an allegorical, macabre and satirical manner, the visual language of this work describes the disastrous outcomes of the industrial and post-industrial world upon nature, culture and self-consciousness. Based on the idea of deconstruction, it seeks to visualise the ‘fear of the future’, the ‘reflections from damaged life’ and the 'hybridity' of existence in this conceptual time and space.





  In Homer’s mythology, the name ‘Asfodelos Leimonas’ was mentioned to define the meadows of Asphodel, the land of afterlife utter neutrality, the valley in which the cursed souls reside – the non-place of futility. I have chosen the name Asfodelos Leimonas to communicate my Art and Practice generating an allegory for social reality; to reveal the chimaera of an archaic and future fear, to imagine and visually approach the cyborgian grotesque and to create the space where Mythology and Science Fiction converge.

'Biomech IV', Photo by Giorgos Lianos

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